Sabrina  trained eye slyly captures the simple, the fleeting, and the joyous moments that should be bottled in time.

Sabrina sees what the rest of us never see, and captures it in visual form.  The church crowd cheering while one guest wipes away her joyous tear, the beautiful detail of a delicate tulle veil windswept over the brides beaming face, the art of snapping a noteworthy detail that will be forever cherished.

Sabrina captures emotions effortlessly.

As a professional photographer, her style is unobtrusive, her work evokes emotion, and her attitude is heartwarming.

Based in Rhode Island, the Austrian native has over 20 years of experience and has trained under an impressive list of prominent national and international photographers.

Sabrina is a very big lover of all Dogs & Cats and has three adorable dogs of her own that help her with all the editing every day.

Sabrina has also been a volunteer for the past 11 years for the annual Heart Gallery/Adoption Rhode Island. A heartwarming operation that reaches out for children all over the State to find loving and caring family's for them. A beautiful portrait with a sweet smile can go a long way sometimes.



Lynne’s photography talent is prefect blend of capturing a spontaneous moment, and posing a precious one. All with ease that keeps everyone happy and comfortable.

After graduating from college, Lynne’s first job was as an assistant to a budding wedding photographer. It was during this noteworthy time that she fell head over heels for photography, especially the art of shooting weddings. Soon after, Lynne moved onto work with a wide array of renowned photographers, at a noteworthy photo lab, where she gained the invaluable experience of the technical side of photography. These photographers shot everything from fashion to wildlife, to studio portraits, to weddings. Lynne naturally progressed into the role of “second shooter” on location.

Although Lynne believes that no shot should look stiff, or unnatural, she also has that rare talent of composing a quiet moment that brides, and families, cherish for a lifetime. With a laid back attitude, she puts everyone at ease, allowing her to readily catch all the guests at their most happy state.


Be refreshing, be inspiring & be talented.


We capture every organic moment that happens on your big day. We believe in a skillful eye, and a high-end quality product. We repetitively produce crisp, stylish photos that are as unique as our clients. We tell your story...your wonderful, happy story.


We are so very pleased with the pictures - they are so beautiful and will forever remind us of our wonderful wedding day. As the website is now launched and our guests are jumping on-line for viewing, we continue to receive comments on how absolutely beautiful and unique the pictures are. 

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